A Mom Made a Hilarious Faux Pas in the Name of the Holiday Spirit, and It's Everything

Mom blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom recently found herself in an embarrassing situation she absolutely had to acknowledge. In a hilarious and now-viral video, she tells the story about what happened when she hugged a complete stranger in a Wawa parking lot because she thought he was cleaning her windshield. The situation came to be after she read a heartwarming article on generosity during the festive season, which led her to pay for a woman's ginger ale while inside the Wawa. Feeling the power of the holiday spirit, she assumed the stranger wiping the windsheild of her car was also paying it forward.

Newsflash: she was very, very wrong. Between I'm-about-to-pee-myself-or-throw-up level laughs, Mary Katherine explained how awkward it was when she realised that the man was, in fact, parked in front of her car, cleaning his own window off.

"I see this man, he's cleaning my windshield," she explained. "I'm convinced this is the Christmas magic, and so I'm like, oh gosh, I just love this time of year. So I walk up to this man and I am like, 'This is my favourite part of humanity. I love Christmas so much. Thank you for doing this.' And I give him a hug. . . It wasn't my car! He was parked directly in front of me and he was cleaning his own windshield."

Naturally, Mary Katherine got the heck out of dodge after realising her mistake. She was so mortified that she immediately pulled away from the scene of the faux pas to share what happened on Facebook. We're so, so happy she did because her video retelling is absolutely unreal. So far, it's amassed more than 22 million views since it was shared on Dec. 6. As embarrassing as it was for Mary Katherine, I hope that she hugs another stranger soon — that clip was one wild freakin' ride.