Selena Gomez Gave Her Sister Some Advice in Case She Got "Nervous" at the Frozen 2 Premiere

Selena Gomez is the type of big sister who dishes out much-needed advice before exciting events. For example, the "Look at Her Now" singer wanted to give her 6-year-old little sister, Gracie Teefey, the best experience when they walked the red carpet at the Frozen 2 Hollywood premiere last month.

"I said to her, 'This is my favourite carpet I have ever done,'" Selena said on BBC One's Sounds show. "Because she's never done any of that and we didn't force her to do that. Everything we do . . . [is] to keep her safe, but my sister's become very dramatic now. She's all about the dresses and the glitter."

Selena and Gracie certainly looked like a couple of princesses at the star-studded event, and her confidence in front of the cameras might've had something to do with a little pep talk Selena gave her beforehand. "I bent down and I looked at her before we stepped on and said, 'If you get nervous, if you get overwhelmed, just pull my hand and I'll take you off immediately," Selena explained. "And she's like, 'K,' and walked straight on the carpet and has her full moment with the feathers. I'm standing there, and I'm like, 'Gracie, get me in the picture too.'" How sweet! Sounds like natural stardom runs in this family.