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11 Best Sensory Toys For Babies

These 11 Sensory Toys For Babies Are Great For Infant Development

11 Best Sensory Toys For Babies
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When it comes to buying toys for your little one, you want to get them something that will both keep them entertained and boost their development. That's why sensory toys for babies and sensory play ideas are such a buzzy topic of conversation in parenting groups, childcare centres, and on social media. But what is a sensory toy, exactly?

"A sensory toy is anything that is stimulating and interesting to a young baby or toddler," says Sarah Seeley-Dick, DO, of HMG Pediatrics in Virginia. "They help children learn to interact with their environment and practice physical and mental coordination."

Babies learn through play, so toys actually serve as little lessons for a tiny human. However, babies grow and develop so much in the first year. Dr. Seeley-Dick says it's essential to focus on finding age-appropriate toys, which can change quickly.

"For example, mirrors may be less interesting to babies under 4 months old as compared to high-contrast black-and-white images," says Dr. Seeley-Dick. "This is because their vision is not fully developed yet, and they can't focus as well as they will be able to by 6 months of age." She also suggests ensuring toys are washable for practical reasons.

It's also important to remember that while baby sensory toys can be great tools for helping a little one develop, the most essential part of a child's life can't be bought. It's you.

"Babies need interaction with people, preferably their . . . caregiver," Dr. Seeley-Dick says. "Singing, playing, and interacting with your children on a regular basis supports their social and emotional growth as well as hand-eye coordination and motor skills."

Sensory toys for infants can however serve as a launchpad for these critical interactions. This list offers options for every stage of babyhood and price point.

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