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Instagram Video of Baby Trying to Grab Dad's Popsicle

Please Watch This Tiny Baby Absolutely Manhandle His Dad's Popsicle to Get a Taste

Tim Ford Jr. thought he was in for a sweet (literally) moment with his 5-month-old son, Tim Ford III, aka "T3," when he opened up a strawberry popsicle and could see that T3 wanted in on the action. Because he's a baby and popsicles are sugary, Tim allowed his son to have just a small lick of the frozen treat to taste it, but oh man, a lick was all this baby needed to realise that food is one of life's greatest joys.

"Man he was too serious! 😂 what a blessing," Tim captioned the video, which was shared to Instagram back in November 2019. He added, in an interview with Today: "I was so surprised and amused by his reaction . . . The funniest thing about the entire video was that he really tried to forcefully snatch the ice pop away from me. I didn't realise he was that strong."

Watch the video above to see T3's full, hilarious reaction.

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