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Man Working Out With His Golden Retriever Puppy

Hello, Mr. Dog Owner! This Guy Working Out With His Golden Retriever Puppy Is Making US Sweat

One dog owner is finding a cuter way to workout these days thanks to his Golden Retriever puppy. In a video shared on Instagram, the shirtless man sets himself up to do some handstand push-ups while his adorable puppy lays on the floor under him with a tennis ball in between his fluffy paws — and as he lowers himself closer to his pooch, he gives his furry friend kisses on the nose. Each time. And it's so cute it hurts! We could watch this duo all day, though the pupper does make it difficult to do so as eventually they knock over the camera, likely thinking, "OK, Dad, they get it, you're super strong." Watch the full video above.

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