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Video of Kittens Trying to Nap With a Golden Retriever

All These Kittens Want to Do Is Snooze With a Full-Grown Golden Retriever — and I'm Melting

After a long, tiring day, we find it's best to snuggle up with the animals you hold near and dear. And for a couple of rambunctious kittens, that means scaling the side of a couch to get to the one they love: a full-grown Golden Retriever. The heartwarming video was shared by the Instagram account LoveLifewithPets, and of course we're totally melting. While it's certainly sweet to see these little babies doing the absolute most to sneak in some time with their much larger counterpart, I want nothing more than to reach through the screen to give them a loving boost! Watch until the end to soak up all of the cuteness.

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