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Funny Artist's Photos of Cats as Other Animals

An Artist Superimposes Cat Faces Onto Other Animals' Bodies, and It's a Sight to Behold

Owl With a Cat's Face

Koty Vezde, a Russian artist who clearly has a passion for cats, has put her skills to good use by superimposing cats' faces onto various other animals' bodies. And if you're wondering if the world truly needs this right now, the answer is an overwhelming yes. Whether Koty puts a kitty's face on a penguin or a sheep's body, we can't help but crack up.

"Once I heard the phrase, 'cats are one of the pillars on which the internet rests' while watching a TV show," she shared with POPSUGAR. "Indeed, they are everywhere on the internet! In Russia, for example, cats are much more popular than dogs. I've always done funny photomontages for my friends, and decided to make a few images to play with the phrase 'cats are everywhere.' I just liked the idea."

Eventually, Koty realised how many people enjoyed her art and opted to make an Instagram account dedicated to her creations. After a year of posting, she's already amassed more than 89,000 followers. "I receive a lot of warm words from different parts of the world," she said. "It's very inspiring!"

Ahead, get a look of some of the hilarious images Koty has created so far.

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