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Cats Playing With the Ice Machine | Video

These Sneaky Cats Have Discovered the Family Ice Machine, and Good Luck With That

Finally found out why my floor was all wet when I came home from work! 😹Lucky😹 IHeartCats Video

Posted by Brian Spence on Friday, September 20, 2019

As a cat owner five times over, I can appreciate how much my little critters like to grind my gears. Take my cat Minnie, the 2-year-old baby who has discovered how fun it is to knock over cups off water off my nightstand for no reason at all. Or Mrs. Butterworth, who loves nothing more than batting my Airpods around. And while I get annoyed in the moment, my four-legged friends don't have anything on these two naughty little beasts who learned the inner-workings of the family ice machine.

In a now-viral video that's racked up more than 2 million views, two fresh-as-can-be tuxedo kitties are going to town on the ice machine, and their dad Brian Spence caught the deed on camera. He captioned the clip, "Finally found out why my floor was all wet when I came home from work," and clapped back at a few people giving him flack in the comments section. "I took this video immediately after coming home from a week long business trip!" he wrote. "Obviously, if I had been home, it would be clean. Anybody who owns cats know that they like to destroy your house when you're not there!"

Oh, Brian, I'm well aware of that. Watch until the end for a good laugh.

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