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"Raise the Woof" Is the First Christmas Song For Dogs

The First-Ever Christmas Song For Dogs Was Released, and It Has Puppers Going Wild

Now that's what we call getting into the holiday spirit! After we've made our list and checked it twice, the holidays truly aren't complete without showing our beloved furry friends some additional love, right? Well, the musical masters at, a UK-based dog-food company, absolutely agree, as they've created the first-ever Christmas song made just for dogs. By playing over 500 sounds to 25 dogs of various breeds in a focus group, they've developed the "waggae" genre — "reggae designed to wag tails," according to their website. It was created by mixing sounds that had the dogs excited and then put together at the famous Abbey Road studios in London.

The song incorporates commands like "sit," squeaking toy noises, and even some high-frequency bell sounds. And guess what? Dogs are loving it! Users across social media have shared videos of their pups reacting to the song, and you'd think the TV was distributing peanut-butter-filled treats based on how engaged they all are. "Signs that dogs are enjoying the track include alertness, trying to discover where the sounds are coming from, head cocking, or moving their ears to get a better listen, as well as tails wagging," the company said in a press release.

One editor at POPSUGAR even tried it with her dog and the effectiveness was confirmed, as she said her dog went nuts. And the delightful news doesn't stop there: the company is selling 500 copies of a vinyl edition of "Raise the Woof," and proceeds will go directly to Dudes and Dogs, an initiative that supports men's mental health with a dog-walking group. Watch the video above and see how dogs on social media are reacting ahead.

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