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Dad's Reaction to Getting French Bulldog Puppy TikTok Video

This Dad's Reaction to Getting a French Bulldog Puppy Is the Definition of Pure


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When you think of cute videos that involve someone getting a new pet, the faces of grateful kiddos usually come to mind. However, one dad's reaction to receiving a French bulldog puppy that he "has always wanted" is the epitome of wholesome. In a TikTok video shared by user frenchbulldog140, we see what happens when this dad meets his new four-legged BFF for the first time.

Used to sitting with an inflatable dog — yes, that's just how much this dad wanted a pet! — he instantly lights up at the sight of his new pup, a 50th-birthday surprise from his family. "No f*cking way," he says in the clip. "No way! No! Oh my god. Where's he been? It's not real! This isn't real!"

After tearing up and explaining how he's totally "in shock," he leans in to give the puppy a big kiss. And given how absolutely adorable the entire interaction is, the video has racked up more than 967,000 favourites at press time. We have a feeling this man and his dog will truly be inseparable!

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