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Deaf and Blind Dog Reuniting With Her Grandpa | TikTok Video

This Deaf and Blind Dog’s Reunion With Her Grandpa After a Year Apart Will Have You Crying in the Club


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Dear reader, I come to you live from my kitchen, where I'm swimming in a puddle of my own tears over a dog's reaction to seeing her grandpa for the first time in a year. Hayden Kristal's 5-year-old dog, Bitsy, is both deaf and blind, something her father Steve was concerned about when Bitsy went home with Hayden at 5 weeks old. As it turns out, his concerns about her being able to get around were far from valid.

"Bitsy is the sweetest, friendliest, most loving and loyal dog in the world," Hayden told The Dodo. "She is bold and sassy and she loves adventure!" And, she loves her grandpa, who Hayden says spoils Bitsy with toys and treats. However, once the pandemic hit, the time Bitsy was able to spend with Steve came to a grinding halt. The pair hadn't seen each other in a year, and Steve was nervous that Bitsy would forget who he was when they were eventually able to reunite in early March.

"I was a little worried she wouldn't remember me," Steve wrote on Facebook. "But I couldn't have been more wrong. As soon as I got within scent range, she totally lost her mind with joy. So did I. Once again Bitsy proved that the abilities she has are far more impressive than the ones she's missing. What a truly amazing and wonderful soul. Maybe you can tell from this video how much we love each other."

See their emotional reunion in the video above, which Hayden aptly captioned, "im not crying ur crying."

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