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Dog in Ambulance Halloween Costume Howls Like a Siren

This Dog Nailed Its Ambulance Halloween Costume — Complete With a Literal Howling Siren

Aliyah Buksh had good reason to dress her dog, River, up as an ambulance for Halloween this year.

Once she made the costume — the base of which was cleverly crafted out of a styrofoam box — and turned on the flashing red collar, all Aliyah had to do was turn on a siren sound effect for her "pawmedic" pooch to add its own vocals. With a little coaching, River got into character and began howling in perfect unison with the alarm siren! "AwoooOOOooo!"

Sometimes, we don't choose the costume — the costume chooses us. River, you certainly put the "howl" in Howl-oween!

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