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Funny Huskies Howling at Piano Man | TikTok VIdeo

It’s Completely Unclear Whether These Huskies Love or Hate Billy Joel Based on Their Reaction to “Piano Man”


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♬ original sound - Nico, Jackson & Zoey

The jury is out on whether or not Chris Boudens's two Huskies, Jackson and Nico, love or hate Billy Joel's "Piano Man," but their reaction to the song is too incredible not to shine a light on. In a video that's gaining popularity on TikTok, Chris asks his Amazon Echo to play the 1973 classic as his Huskies and Golden Retriever, Zoey, standby. As soon as the harmonica comes in, Jackson begins to howl in a very Chewbacca-esque manner. However, it's not long until he's positively screeching and Nico starts yelping alongside him.

"Hey Alexa, play piano man," Chris captioned the hilarious video, which has nearly 8 million views at press time — and for great reason. Watch Jackson and Nico's truly amusing reaction to Billy above.

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