These 2 Adorable Golden Retrievers Are BFFs, and We Don’t Deserve This Level of Cuteness

As the owner of an 11-year-old rescue Golden Retriever, I feel very strongly about the breed. I'll never push my opinions on anyone because I think every dog breed is the best breed, because dogs rule and are just the greatest gift imaginable. But I will say that nothing beats two fluffy golden retrievers, especially when they're best buds and do everything together.

Dynamic duo Lizzie and Ally from Canada regularly share their adventures on their owners' Instagram account, and we were lucky enough to find it. Spend a few minutes scrolling their feed and you'll be hard pressed to look away. They snuggle together, try to rub each other's noses through glass when apart, and even share some kisses. They're truly the cutest pair of goldens around and worth every moment of your time, and then some.