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Pit Bull Gets Kicked Out of Dog Bed by Cat | TikTok Video

This Pit Bull's Defeated Reaction to Getting Kicked Out of His Bed by a Cat Is Hilarious


He has atleast 80 pounds on him #dogsoftiktok #pitbull #catsoftiktok #fyp

♬ Don't be suspicious - io non so

As someone who's had both cats and dogs all her life, I know kitties can be particularly devious little furballs when it comes to dealing with their canine counterparts. Recently, a woman in the same boat shared a hilarious video of her cat, Supe — which is fittingly short for Superbad — who managed to snag his pit bull brother Odin's bed without so much as a fight.

She shared the video with the caption, "He has at least 80 pounds on him," and filmed Odin's defeated reaction to getting evicted from his own bed. Set to the "Don't be suspicious" sound on TikTok, she explained that her pit bull is "too scared" of the cat and thus retreated to the tiny cat bed instead.

The video had racked up nearly 841,000 likes on TikTok at press time, so it's clear animal-lovers feel for the displaced pup. "He's looking at you like, 'do you see this,'" one commenter wrote. Another user chimed in, writing, "He really said, 'I guess I'll make this one work.'"

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