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Which Cat Breed Are You By Zodiac Sign

From Siamese to Bengals, This is Your Cat Breed According to Your Zodiac Sign

Which Cat Breed Are You By Zodiac Sign
  • Ever Wondered What Cat Breed You'd Be? The Zodiac Has All the Answers

Cats are notorious for their wit, adorable mischievousness, and their loyalty to their owners once they see them as a member of their pack – in short, cats are one of the most incredible pets you can have. And did we mention how cute they are, too?! We're forever obsessed with our feline friends, so it's only natural to wonder what cat breed we would be in another life. From long-haired fluffballs like Persians to the slyest of Sphynxes, we're turning to the zodiac to finally figure out what cat breed we'd be if given the chance to roam and purr like our favourite furry pals. Ahead, find out what the stars have to say about what cat breed you are.

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