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Alton Towers Wicker Man Ride Reactions

Alton Towers Teases Its New Wicker Man Roller Coaster — and People Are Getting Fired Up!

Alton Towers just unveiled a fire-themed wooden roller coaster, and it's certainly getting people heated up. Yes, the "Wicker Man" coaster, which claims to be a world first, fuses wood and fire. The six-storey-high ride will feature a 57.5-foot wicker man inspired by the classic 1973 horror film of the same name, famously remade in 2006 with Nicolas Cage. As thrill seekers race along a 2,000-foot wooden track three times, the wicker man will ignite.

Reactions to the ride have been mixed, with an emphasis on safety issues. The park ensures there is no need for concern. "We've really considered the safety of our guests when we've designed and built this ride," said Health & Safety Director Steve Woods, adding "much of what will appear to be real fire is actually an illusion created by special effects". Those on Twitter may need some more convincing however.

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