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Best Adventure Holidays 2019

If You Love Adrenaline-Pumping Thrills Instead of Lazy Beach Days, These 15 Holidays Are For You

Best Adventure Holidays 2019
Image Source: Unsplash / Artem Bali

Sometimes when you travel, it's all about endless scoops of gelato, easy strolls through air-conditioned museums, and ultralazy pool days where double duty simply means soaking up the sun and a novel. Other times, though, it's heart-racing adventure you're after. Think epic hikes through the world's most extraterrestrial landscapes, swinging high above a rain forest abyss, camping out in the snow with a glittery Milky Way above you, or swimming among a school of floating jellyfish. Whether you're in the mood for a getaway in the humid tropics, dry desert, snowy landscapes, or lush forest, you'll surely find a destination that speaks to you and gets your adrenaline going on this list.

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