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The Best Cat Cafes Around the World

This Map Will Have You Booking a Cat Cafe Tour Around the World

Cat ladies (and gents) rejoice! The cat cafe trend is truly global, and there are German, Mexican, and Japanese felines waiting to dip their paws into your cappuccino. If you've always been keen on having a side of kitten with your cupcake, then why not start at the original cat cafe, Café & Cats 1998 in Taiwan, or hop on the Eurostar to Les Café des chats? Exeter International has created the infographic that'll tempt you into just this. From Lady Dinah's in London to Singapore's Neko no Niwa where you can even participate in kitty yoga (yea, really), read on for the 25 best cat cafés around the globe — you might just find yourself booking a world tour!

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