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Capricorn Baby Names

These 44 Capricorn Baby Names Will Work Hard to Earn the Top Spot

If your little one arrives between Dec. 22 and Jan. 19, you'll be welcoming a Capricorn into your family. Capricorns are said to be loyal, ambitious, and very disciplined, so it makes sense that they make good managers and leaders. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, linked to maturity, darkness, and wisdom, and its influence is seen in Capricorns' key traits of practicality and responsibility. Their symbol is the stubborn goat, which ties in with their element being earth, as the goat's habitat of barren hillsides and stony mountains are part of this element. Take inspiration from these associations, or if you're deciding on a name for a new arrival born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21, take a look at Sagittarius baby names, and get more inspiration from the top baby names in 2017.

Names For Capricorn Girls

  1. Alufa — this Hebrew name means "leader"
  2. Amelia — this Teutonic name means "hardworking/industrious"
  3. Chantal — this French name means "a stone or boulder"
  4. Ciara — this Irish name means "dark"
  5. Constance — this Latin name means "steadfast"
  6. Cybele — this Greek name means "goddess of the earth"
  7. Dione — this Greek name is a satellite of Saturn
  8. Eartha — this Old English name means "of the earth"
  9. Fabrianne — this Latin name means "resourceful"
  10. Kerry — this Irish Gaelic name means "the dark one"
  11. Leila — this Arabic name means "dark beauty"
  12. Leya — this Spanish name means "loyalty"
  13. Melinda — this English name means "the dark one"
  14. Montana — this Latin name means "from the mountains"
  15. Oma — this Arabic name means "leader"
  16. Orea — this Greek name means "the maid of the mountains"
  17. Parnella — this Old French name means "a little rock"
  18. Peta/Petra — this Greek name means "a rock or stone"
  19. Priscilla — this Latin name means "longevity"
  20. Tara — this Irish Gaelic name means "a rocky hill"
  21. Terra/Tierra — this Latin name means "the earth"
  22. Valeska — this Slavic name means "splendid leader"

Names For Capricorn Boys

  1. Aldous — this Teutonic name means "old, wise or great"
  2. Altman — this Teutonic name means "an old or wise man"
  3. Barnett — this English name means "leader"
  4. Clive — this Old English name means "cliff"
  5. Cole/Coleman — this Old English/Teutonic name means "dark and swarthy"
  6. Craig — this Scottish Gaelic name means "a rock or crag"
  7. Damon — this Greek name means "loyal/constant"
  8. Dante — this Italian name means "steadfast/enduring"
  9. Derreck — this English name means "leader"
  10. Dillon — this Irish name means "loyal"
  11. Emerson/Emery — this English name means "industrious ruler"
  12. Emil — this Teutonic name means "industrious"
  13. Emmett — this English name means "hard working"
  14. Flint — this Old English name means "a hard stone"
  15. Giles — this Greek name means "a young goat"
  16. Harel — this Hebrew name means "God's mountain"
  17. Melville — this Celtic name means "leader"
  18. Montel/Monte — this Italian name means "a mountain"
  19. Parnel — this Latin name means "stone"
  20. Truman — this German name means "loyal"
  21. Tynan — this Gaelic name means "the dark one"
  22. Waren — this German name means "loyal"
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