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Different Ways to Use Oatmeal

The Super Grain: 9 Unexpected Ways to Use Oats

Oats may get a bad rep for being boring, but they're anything but! Forget about your morning bowl of oatmeal, there are so many other ways to maximise this super grain, from soothing sunburns to pumping up your workout and beyond. Using skincare products that contain colloidal oatmeal, like the AVEENO® Daily Moisturising range, leave your dry, rough skin feeling smooth and supple. So go ahead, grab a big bag of this "boring" breakfast staple, and you'll be surprised at how well it nourishes your body from the inside out.

Products used: AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Lotion, AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Body Wash, AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Hand Cream, AVEENO® Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mistvi

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