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Holiday Photos on Instagram

The Scary Reason You Should Be Careful When Posting Photos While on Holiday

Bad news, social media fiends. Sharing your holiday photos while you're on your trip isn't just something your friends don't want to see — it's also dangerous. According to a study conducted by Aviva, out of 2,000 people surveyed, a whopping 73 percent said they "find it annoying when they see other people's holiday snaps online." Whether it's a bit of travel envy or whether they aren't fooled by your humblebrag, the general sentiment toward showing off your snaps isn't exactly what you'd hope for.

But it's more serious than getting a few eye-rolls from friends for oversharing your day-to-day travels.

The study also noted that sharing your photos while you're still on holiday can actually be dangerous. "The habit could also be putting people's properties and possessions at risk by inadvertently advertising that no one is home, potentially leaving their home vulnerable to thieves," says the insurance company. Geotagging yourself can also make it easier for someone to find you while you are on your travels. This isn't entirely likely, but if you have a lot of followers, it's possible.

"The best time to post holiday pictures to social media is when you're back home," says Aviva. "If you really can't wait to share, then at least make sure you're only posting to a closed circle of trusted friends and family."

Oh well! It's just one more reason for you to unplug the next time you're on holidays and wait until the next #ThrowbackThursday to bombard your feed with adorable photos.

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