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How Do I Get Rid of Mice?

Here's How to Get Rid of Those Unwanted Mice Once and For All

Full disclaimer: this editor loves mice, just not sharing her cereal with them involuntarily.

If you've spotted mouse droppings or experienced unwanted furry visitors in your house recently, it's likely you've been scrubbing work surfaces, scattering vermin poison, and googling for a solution in despair. Before you add cheese cubes and mouse traps to your shopping basket, consider the following more humane, and cleaner, alternative.

Using ultrasonic frequencies to repel mice, there are a selection of plug-in electrical devices on the market that will keep you having to kill anything on site. Instead, the frequency provides a 24-hour sonic deterrent that is safe to use around children, cats, and dogs.

We recommend the Rentokil FM89 Beacon Mouse & Rat Rep Dual Action (£34).

Plug in the device and let it sync with your electrics (it has the added benefit of an electromagnetic technology, which transmits a signal through every electrical cable within the building), and you should notice a difference in a matter of days. Remember, you can't rely on this plug-in to do all the work for you. Along with this little device, you will need to keep a tidy, crumb-free household to avoid any temptation for these little critters to return.

Or, y'know, use it as an excuse to get a cat.

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