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How to Fix Smelly Shoes

If Your Shoes Smell Like Sh*t, Here's What to Do

There's an endless array of foul scents on this big ball we call Earth — but a sour shoe is one of the most distinctive. It sucks when your favourite kicks suddenly smell like 300 grimy toes, but don't lose hope just yet! Below are 16 simple ways to not only banish the stench in your heels, flats, and trainers, but also instill a rather lovely aroma.

  1. Start with the source — your feet, which are causing the stink in the first place. Try this vinegar soak.
  2. Test a black tea formula. Here's a great tutorial.
  3. Give a foot scrub a go. This one will polish grubby heels.
  4. Next, tackle the footwear itself with a good wash. Place them in the dishwasher (yes, really).
  5. Use tea bags to eliminate remaining smells. Put them in your shoes overnight.
  6. Mix up a few key ingredients. Namely baking soda, baking powder, and corn flour.
  7. Have any old copies of The Times on hand? Stuff newspaper in your walkwear.
  8. Make your way to the fridge. Cut up orange peels and slide them inside.
  9. Laundry items may be the cure. Stick dryer sheets in your kicks.
  10. Got time to spare? DIY an organic multipurpose deodorising spray.
  11. Here's a second spray that works, too. This one's more intense, if your shoes are particularly putrid.
  12. Reach for your medicine cabinet. Dab rubbing alcohol on the soles.
  13. Don't rule out oils. Experiment with rice, essential oil, and tea tree oil.
  14. Cat-lover at heart? Load your shoes up with kitty litter.
  15. So you've got room in your freezer. Put them in there (not kidding).
  16. If all else fails, head to the store. Purchase an odour eater.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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