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Libra Zodiac Baby Names

54 Baby Names That Strike the Perfect Balance For Libras

For those giving birth between Sep. 23 and Oct. 22, prepare to welcome a Libra. It's no surprise that those born under the seventh sign are balanced, peacekeeping diplomats and upholders of justice, equality, and the law, just like the scales that are their symbol. Libras are said to have a strong mind and a keen intellect, and they are typically lovers of books, debates, beautiful places, art, and music. Venus is their ruling planet, named after the goddess of love, harmony, and beauty, so Libras are often associated with romance, charm, and elegance. Be inspired by these associations with our suggestions for Libra baby names, or check out perfect names for a Virgo if you're still undecided about the moniker for a little one born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22.

Names For Libra Girls

  1. Adalet — this Turkish name means "justice"
  2. Adonia — this Greek name means "feminine beauty"
  3. Atalanta — this Greek name comes from the word for "balance"
  4. Austrina — a valley on Venus, Libra's ruling planet
  5. Concordia — the Roman goddess of harmony
  6. Cosima — this Greek name means "harmony, perfect order"
  7. Danica/Danika — this Slavic name means "morning star," which Venus is known as
  8. Estelle/Esther/Stella — these names mean "morning star"
  9. Freya — the Old Norse goddess of love and beauty
  10. Gwendydd — this Welsh name means "morning star"
  11. Harmonia — this Latin name means "harmony, unity"
  12. Jennifer/Jenny — this Cornish/Welsh name means "fair"
  13. Justice — one of the meanings of the scales of Libra
  14. Justina — this Latin name means "just, fair"
  15. Kanisha — this African name means "the beautiful one"
  16. Kazuki — this Japanese name means "harmony and hope"
  17. Kerensa — this Cornish name means "love"
  18. Kiffa — a star in the Libra constellation
  19. Linda — this Spanish name means "pretty"
  20. Nerine — this Greek name means "sea‐born," like Venus
  21. Olive — this Latin name signifies peace, from the symbol of the "olive branch"
  22. Opal — the birthstone for Libra
  23. Peridot — the Libra zodiac stone
  24. Rebecca — this Hebrew name means "peacemaker"
  25. Sapphire — the Libra planet stone
  26. Venus — the Latin goddess of love and beauty, and Libra's ruling planet
  27. Zulema — this Arabic/Hebrew name means "peace"

Names For Libra Boys

  1. Akrab — a star in the Libra constellation
  2. Alexander — this Greek name means "defender of men"
  3. Alfred — this Old English name means "good counsel"
  4. Beau — this French name means "handsome"
  5. Dan/Danny — this Hebrew name means "law‐giver"
  6. Dempster — this Old English name means "wise judge"
  7. Finnegan — this Irish/Gaelic name means "handsome"
  8. Florian/Florean — this Latin name means "flowering; handsome"
  9. Justin — this Latin name means "fair, upright, and righteous"
  10. Justus — this Latin name means "just"
  11. Kenneth — this Scottish/Gaelic name means "handsome and fair"
  12. Kevin — this Irish/Gaelic name means "handsome"
  13. Lamont — this Old Norse name means "a lawyer"
  14. Manfred — this Teutonic name means "a man of peace"
  15. Methuselah – the galaxy's oldest star in the Libra constellation; a man in the Bible known for his old age
  16. Milan — this Czech name means "the beloved one"
  17. Oliver — this Latin name comes from "olive," signifying peace
  18. Ramiro — this Spanish name means "a great judge"
  19. Raymond/Ramon — these Teutonic names mean "protecting judge"
  20. Reynold — this Old English name means "well‐counselled judgement"
  21. Romeo — Shakespeare's romantic lover
  22. Sanfred — this name means "peaceful counsel"
  23. Solomon — this Hebrew name means "wise and peaceful"
  24. Valentine — this Latin name is associated with romance
  25. Wilfred — this Teutonic name means "peacemaker"
  26. Yestin — this Welsh name means "just"
  27. Zedekiah — this Hebrew name means "justice"
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