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Public Speaking Tips

Nail Your Next Big Presentation With These 10 Public Speaking Tips

Practise In Front of a Trusted Friend or Colleague
Image Source: Pexels / Rawpixel

Public speaking is something that everyone will encounter at some point in their life. Perhaps it's through giving a presentation at work, maybe a speech at a wedding, or even a simple toast at a best mate's birthday bash. For some people, the very thought of speaking in front of a group can make palms go sweaty and turn legs to jelly. It's understandable, of course — it can feel exposing to have all eyes on you, and it brings with it its own set of fears. Am I talking too fast? Are they bored of listening to me? Can they tell that I am terrified? (spoiler alert: even the most seemingly confident people have these thoughts!)

But there are ways of making public speaking a lot less daunting. If you're someone who doesn't feel comfortable speaking in front of others, these simple tips and tricks will help you feel at ease in front of a crowd.

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