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Signs You're an Old Soul

18 Things That Only Old Souls Will Truly Understand

"Wait . . . you're only how old?!" If you've been hearing some variation of this phrase since before you can remember, then you're probably an old soul trapped in a young person's body. Maybe it's because you read too many books as a kid, or perhaps you were exposed to smooth jazz in the womb, but ever since childhood, you've stood out as wise beyond your years.

Some people might think you're boring, but the reality is that you simply don't have time for their nonsense — and there's nothing wrong with that. Here are 18 things you'll relate to if you're an old soul. (Go ahead and bookmark this list for after your afternoon nap.)

  1. You've always preferred sitting at the adults' table at family gatherings.
  2. As a kid, books were often preferable to the childish pursuits and concerns of your peers.
  3. You're a morning person, not a night owl. (What's an "all-nighter"? You'd much rather wake up at 5 a.m. to hit the library than spend all night studying.)
  4. Handwritten letters are a staple in your life, and no new technology will change that.
  5. Since you were a kid, people of all ages have come to you for sage advice; you probably gave relationship advice to your babysitter.
  6. You can't imagine dating somebody younger than you — you've always been attracted to older partners.
  7. Because you have a hard time relating to people your age, you tend to bond quickly with the few friends who understand you.
  8. You're used to not being taken seriously — it's been happening to you for your entire life. Nobody could ever believe that a 12-year-old was genuinely interested in becoming a librarian, learning to knit, or taking a swing-dance class.
  9. Co-workers and new acquaintances are always shocked to learn your age.
  10. You'd take a steaming cup of tea and a good book over a party any day.
  11. You're regularly accused of "mothering" people.
  12. While everybody else was going through a teenage rebellious phase, you totally understood the rules and regulations in your life.
  13. People call you "boring" so often, it's basically your middle name.
  14. You started consuming "grown-up" media like classic books and vintage films while your friends were still watching cartoons.
  15. Empathy is both your strength and your weakness. Current events affect you more than others, because you grasp the broader implications of natural disasters, war, and politics.
  16. It might be harder for you to embrace your silly side and "have fun," because you don't see the point.
  17. You've perfected your poker face after years of listening to vapid, shallow conversations. Who are the Kardashians, again?
  18. Other people worry about aging, but you embrace it — it feels like going home.
Image Source: Reddit via Imgur
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