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Tattoo Artist Eva Krbdk Tiny Tattoos of Famous Paintings

This Amazing Tattoo Artist Turns Iconic Paintings Into Tiny Tattoos

Aside from the fact that they live on your body, tattoos are hugely personal because they are inspired by the things you hold dear, whether they be book quotes, childhood heroines, mementos of your favourite musician or places you've visited.

There's nothing more subjective than you're taste in art, and if you're wondering how to size your favourite painting down to fit a particularly small surface area, then we've found the artist that'll make your tattoo dreams come true. Eva Krbdk, who works out of the Bang Bang tattoo studio in New York, and shares her work through her Instagram feed, has a magic touch that sees her condense expansive and iconic paintings into tiny tattoos that lose none of the minute detail or charm of the beloved originals. Read on to see how she reinterprets some of the most famous pieces of art as beautiful body adornments.

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