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Things to Do When You're Bored

Bored? 100+ Things You Can Do Right Now

To certain busy people, boredom's a serious blessing. But if you're struggling to find something to do every single weekend, it feels more like a curse. If you fall in the latter category, take a look at our list ahead. We present you 117 things to do besides watch TV (which, let's face it, is pretty mind-numbing). With these activities, you'll snap out of the lull and feel better fast!

  1. Write in a journal or diary.
  2. Shop for shoes.
  3. Decorate your room.
  4. Bake a cake for friends and family.
  5. Try a Pinterest craft.
  6. Scribble in a colouring book.
  7. Upload old holiday photos to Facebook.
  8. Organise your bookshelves (by title or genre).
  9. Take a staycation.
  10. Rearrange your furniture.
  11. Deep-clean your house.
  12. Listen to podcasts or an audiobook.
  13. Call an old friend.
  14. Analyse your dreams.
  15. Learn to mix your own cocktail.
  16. Paint your nails.
  17. Learn a new kind of plait.
  18. Volunteer for a charity.
  19. Get a haircut.
  20. Give yourself a facial.
  21. Wash your makeup brushes.
  22. Practice your outdoor photography.
  23. Find 10 pieces of clothing to give away.
  24. KonMari your house.
  25. Sell stuff at a jumble sale.
  26. Start a new book series.
  27. Take photos of your old pics and yearbooks for future #TBTs.
  28. Go for a swim in the local pool.
  29. Try a 10-minute workout.
  30. Go on a hike.
  31. Take a jog around the block.
  32. Ride your bike around town.
  33. Organise a picnic.
  34. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.
  35. Buy something you've always wanted.
  36. Go to a department store beauty department and get glammed up.
  37. Make yourself tea.
  38. Listen to a new genre of music.
  39. Plan a holiday.
  40. Practice your positive affirmations.
  41. Make a healthy smoothie.
  42. Build a fort.
  43. Buy a pet.
  44. Babysit for cash.
  45. Go to a theme park.
  46. Practice speed-reading.
  47. Take courses at a local college.
  48. Write a poem.
  49. Paint a mug.
  50. Find a pen pal.
  51. Throw a party.
  52. Sketch a portrait.
  53. Take a road trip.
  54. Track the moon cycle.
  55. Learn a new instrument.
  56. Play hide-and-seek.
  57. Go shopping at the pound shop.
  58. Go to a Meetup.
  59. Try free samples at supermarkets and specialist shops.
  60. Take a bath.
  61. Explore a cave.
  62. Write your own play script.
  63. Dye your hair.
  64. Update your CV.
  65. Network with important people.
  66. Open up your own Etsy shop.
  67. Email your grandparents.
  68. Make a new Reddit thread.
  69. Start your own YouTube channel.
  70. Take a dance class.
  71. Hunt for coins around the house.
  72. Get a tattoo.
  73. Catch up on celebrity news.
  74. Organise the photos on your phone.
  75. Hang out at a festival.
  76. Make a new friend.
  77. Try on clothes you could never afford.
  78. People-watch in a park.
  79. Make your own lotion bars.
  80. Start your own dog-walking service.
  81. Go to a museum.
  82. Mow your neighbour's lawn for cash.
  83. Get on a dating app.
  84. Plant a garden.
  85. Go to a concert.
  86. Browse the farmers market.
  87. Cook breakfast (no matter what time it is).
  88. Have karaoke night with your best friends.
  89. Knit a jumper.
  90. Create a terrarium.
  91. Publish an article on a topic you're passionate about.
  92. Take a new Facebook profile picture.
  93. Organise a neighbourhood football or netball tournament.
  94. Camp in your backyard.
  95. Go bowling.
  96. Review books on Goodreads.
  97. Review restaurants on Yelp.
  98. Paint your house.
  99. Take yourself out to dinner.
  100. Learn a new language.
  101. Collect seashells or rocks.
  102. Make jewellery.
  103. Map out your family tree.
  104. Pick fruit.
  105. Enter a contest.
  106. Get another job.
  107. Practice meditation.
  108. Coach a sports team.
  109. Try your hand at pottery.
  110. Compliment a few strangers.
  111. Find a vintage outfit at a thrift store.
  112. Host a game night.
  113. Try a new drink at a bar.
  114. Draw with gel pens.
  115. Play pool.
  116. Buy art.
  117. Start a scrapbook.
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