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Things to Pack For International Travel

10 Things to Pack For International Travel

There's nothing like needing a tampon in a foreign country and having no idea where to find one. International travel is one of the most enriching things you can do, but there's a good amount of prep work before you hop on a plane and venture into the unknown. Certain necessities depend on where exactly you're travelling to, but there's a general list of essentials you should pack for every international trip you take. Don't find yourself in need of something without the means to get it — check out these important items to bring the next time you go abroad.

  1. A travel adapter. Outlets for electronics differ depending on what country you're in, so you should always travel with an adapter if you're leaving the country. You can get universal adapter plugs that should work most places, or you can get country and region-specific ones that work for the exact location you're going to. Many hotels will have adapters, but you shouldn't rely on this if you want to make sure your devices are fully charged wherever you go.
  2. Extra medication. If you take a daily medication, or if you use a particular medication often, make sure to pack more than you think you need. This is especially important if the medicine is one you take every day. If you drop some pills down the drain or misplace a bag where all of your medicine is located, it can be very difficult to obtain what you need, and going without prescriptions can be stressful, and even dangerous. Talk to your doctor and let them know about your travels to see what course of action they suggest taking.
  3. A portable charger. These days, you can find public WiFi in many cities. However, WiFi drains your battery quickly and sometimes you need your phone for more important things than checking Facebook. From capturing your memories with beautiful travel shots to finding your way after getting turned around, having a fully charged phone can be pretty important. Always carry a portable charger (or two) in your bag so that you can give your devices some juice when the battery is low.
  4. Comfortable shoes. You never know when you may be facing more of a trek than you originally anticipated, and you don't want to miss out on a great experience simply because you didn't pack the right shoes. Always have a comfortable, durable pair of shoes when you travel to protect your feet and to help keep your options open no matter when you go.
  5. Feminine hygiene products. Always come prepared with feminine hygiene products, because in certain countries, particularly in more remote areas; the exact kind you prefer to use might be more difficult to procure.
  6. A notebook and pen. Never travel without the old-school way of jotting down addresses, important passwords, and ticket numbers, directions, names, numbers, and your thoughts! Electronic devices may fail you, but a pen and paper never will.
  7. Duct tape. Duct tape has countless functions, and is always handy to have. Whether your suitcase rips and you need to patch it up, the bottom of your pants need to be hemmed, or you need a makeshift bandage, duct tape can help in a pinch.
  8. A USB drive. Bring a thumb drive with you wherever you go! You can back up your photos, transfer files between devices, and easily print out things like tickets by keeping a small USB on hand.
  9. A power cube. If you need to charge multiple devices at the same time, a power cube (and usually a surge protector!) is the perfect item to bring along with you for your travels. Places like restaurants and hostels might have limited outlets, so you can optimise just one outlet with a power cube.
  10. A photocopy of your passport. Always keep an extra copy of your passport with you (but in a separate place) so that if your passport is lost or stolen, you have backup proof of your identity. It's wise to store your actual passport somewhere safely in your room, like a lock box, and bring the photo copy with you in case you're asked to show it.
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