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Things to Throw Away

11 Things You Need to Throw Away

The first step to taking care of yourself and de-stressing is to make sure that your environment is in order. Seeing your house full of clutter can affect your mood negatively and make your personal space seem like a place you want to escape from, rather than something to look forward to coming home to. Organise a "throwing out" day every month to make sure that you don't have clutter building up. Here are some things you should consider purging from your home, and download our printable to help you get rid of items you don't need!

1. Old magazines

Get rid of old magazines you have lying around because chances are, you aren't going to read them again. Find places you can donate your magazines to such as child care centres, doctor's offices, nail salons, nursing homes, and libraries. If there's an article that really speaks to you, scan a digital image of it and keep it on your computer. Or keep a folder of magazine clippings if you like saving magazine articles.

2. Receipts, bills, and documents

Throw away receipts for items that you aren't planning to return, and ones that you won't need to use for tax returns or expenses. If you're wary of throwing away receipts, you can make a digital copy of them with a basic scanner, a specialised receipt scanner, or a smartphone app. See here for a full list of documents you should keep forever or temporarily.

3. Clothes

Use the two-year-rule for clothes — get rid of anything that you haven't worn in two years. Take them to a consignment store if you think they may be worth something, drop them into a charity shop, or book a collection from an organisation like Traid (subject to location).

4. Books

Go through your bookshelf and gather together books you haven't touched in months and ones that you aren't planning on rereading. Be realistic and make sure you're ruthless. If you haven't touched it in a year, you're most likely not going to read it again. Sell the books on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. You can always donate them to charity as well!

5. Medicine and vitamins

Take a look at your medicine closet and clear out drugs that have expired, medicine that has sat on your shelf for too long, or ones that you no longer use. Be sure to check to see what the proper disposal methods are for the medication. If you're unsure, take the medication to your local pharmacy, where they'll be able to dispose of it safely.

6. Cosmetics

Go through your beauty cabinet and get rid of makeup or body products that are too old or that you don't use. There are programs out there that let you recycle your makeup, such as MAC, which has a program that lets you exchange six empty containers for a new eyeshadow, lip gloss, or lipstick. Kiehl's also has a program that gives you products in exchange for Kiehl's containers, as does Lush. POPSUGAR Beauty has a neat list of when to throw away cosmetics.

7. Jewellery

Go through your jewellery and dispose of the broken costume jewellery and make plans to sell ones that you don't wear. For fine jewellery, look up appraisers from the Institute of Registered Valuers. Once you have a quoted price, shop around at auction houses, estate buyers, pawnshops, and jewellers to see if you can find a better deal.

8. Food

Go through your cupboards and fridge and clear out items that need to be thrown out — the old, unused, and rotting. Do this weekly instead of monthly, just to make sure you don't have any unpleasant surprises!

9. Some memorabilia

Many organising experts advise to be ruthless and throw away memorabilia like cards and gifts you don't use. I agree, but I think you can keep some of them by perhaps creating some sort of poster with old cards or designating a small shoe box for memorabilia. Resolve to throw away anything that can't fit into the box.

10. Notebooks

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of notebooks lying around. Take a look at them and throw out the ones that you no longer need. My notebooks are filled with notes from classes I take and notes from meetings.

11. Old or unused electronics

Have an electric piano you don't use? Or maybe you just never got around to getting rid of your old laptop or mobile phone. Sell your electronics online through sites like Music Magpie (which will quote you a price immediately) or through Craigslist and eBay.

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