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33 Sure Signs That You're an Empath

Do you pick up on the vibe of a room the moment you walk in? Can you almost always tell when someone is lying? Do you just generally have A LOT of feelings? You're probably an empath. You may be familiar with the spectrum of personality types between introverts and extroverts, but empaths are a whole other type of personality you may not know about. Empaths are often (but not always) more introverted, but the key aspect of the personality type is an empath's ability to relate to and absorb the feelings of other people. Empaths are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, and they are very affected by the energies of those around them.

There are positives to being an empath; for instance, they are sympathetic, caring, and understanding. They are intuitive and have the ability to influence the mood and energy around them. Empaths are good listeners and caretakers, and they are known for their compassion for others. However, being an empath definitely has its challenges. Because they are so sensitive, they can sometimes have difficulty differentiating other people's energy from their own. Adverts, films, books, TV, the news, seeing the struggles of others — anything with an emotional element can affect empaths on a deeper level. Outside circumstances and situations can have a huge impact on the mental — and even physical — state of an empath. Empaths can unconsciously mirror other people's habits and moods, and for better or worse, they can soak up the energy around them. Empaths need to make sure to care for themselves in addition to caring for the rest of the world. Here are some signs you're an empath.

  1. You're extremely intuitive.
  2. It's easy for you to tell when people are lying.
  3. The energy of other people can change your own energy.
  4. You get "gut feelings" often (and they're almost always right).
  5. You often feel other people's pain.
  6. You consider yourself an introvert.
  7. You need to be near water.
  8. You often find yourself absorbing other people's emotions (both good and bad).
  9. You can get overwhelmed when surrounded by a lot of people.
  10. People feel like they can come to you when they have a problem.
  11. You're very sensitive.
  12. You love to be outside in nature because it revitalises you.
  13. Being around certain people can make you feel drained.
  14. You feel physically or emotionally sick when seeing upsetting things in the news, on TV, or in films.
  15. Your mood changes depending on who you're in a room with.
  16. You feel the same feeling around a specific person each time you see them.
  17. You have a big heart.
  18. You constantly seek answers for everything.
  19. You know that your energy can change the atmosphere around you.
  20. You go back and forth between being very expressive and very reclusive.
  21. You sometimes find yourself putting others' needs before your own.
  22. You value your alone time.
  23. You're a good listener.
  24. You deal with stomach issues and chronic fatigue due to emotional stress.
  25. You know and understand things, without needing any explanation.
  26. You are a creative type.
  27. You're a big animal-lover.
  28. You always need to know the truth and do not like deceit.
  29. You're a free spirit and find yourself daydreaming often.
  30. You're prone to mood swings (based on the environment you're in at the time).
  31. You're extremely open-minded and accepting of all people and lifestyles.
  32. You won't let a problem go until you find a satisfying solution.
  33. You sense things that other people miss.
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