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11 Sustainable Hotels and Cabins Around the UK

11 of the Best Sustainable Hotels, Cabins, and Guesthouses Around the UK

11 Sustainable Hotels and Cabins Around the UK
Image Source: To Wander UK

There might have once been a time when guaranteed good weather or five-star reviews were the top priority when searching for a hotel or holiday destination. But now that the UK is facing a cost-of-living crisis – which is even bleeding into other areas, and impacting our sex lives – those who love to travel are trying to look for cheaper, and more sustainable ways to move forward. Whether that's being more mindful about how we travel, the frequency, or thinking more carefully about the kind of places we stay in, there's a conscious effort to enjoy ourselves while being kinder to the planet.

We've already pledged to use B Corp beauty brands in our makeup bags from now on, but bringing our sustainable mindset into our holiday plans takes a little more prep. Ticking both of those boxes are eco-friendly hotels, cabins, and guesthouses right here in the UK. As well as cutting out emissions and costs from flying in the first place, there's a whole host of hotels that are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable resources, reducing plastic waste, and finding plenty of innovative ways to be as planet-friendly as possible. So, if you are searching for a UK stay that's doing what it can for more responsible hospitality, scroll our edit of some of the best eco-conscious hotels and staycations to inspire your next long-awaited holiday.

— Additional reporting by Gabriella Ferlita

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