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These Succulents Look Like Bunny Ears, and We're Obsessed

These Succulents Are Shaped Like Bunny Ears, and They're So Freakin' Cute

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Owning a succulent is almost a rite of passage for any home (or desk) dweller, but how you display your succulents and the type of succulents you own says a lot about your personality. So what screams "I'm playful" more than adorable ones shaped like bunny ears? We can't think of anything. The scientific name for this plant is Monilaria moniliformis, but in the early growth stages, the plant sprouts look like tiny green bunny ears β€” hence, the nickname. As the plant matures and grows, the "bunny ears" begin to droop down and eventually sprout white blossoms with yellow centres. While these plants are rare, you can find seeds on Amazon. Keep scrolling to see the succulent's different stages of growth, from tiny bunny ears to blooming beauties.

β€” Additional reporting by Balim Tezel

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