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Callie Wilson's Must-Have Products

#LawTok's Callie Wilson Shares Her Must-Have Products For Living "With Ease"

Callie Wilson's Must-Have Products
Image Source: Luke Raymond

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For several years, Callie Wilson chronicled her law school journey on social media. She was brutally honest about how hard it was and detailed the mistakes she made along the way to potentially becoming an entertainment lawyer. In the process, she collected a million followers and became one of the most prominent voices on #LawTok. Wilson admits it's ironic, because she isn't sure if she'll actually practice law. "Now I'm kind on the other side of things and have my own entertainment lawyer," she tells POPSUGAR.

Wilson is honest about being in her "post-grad lost era," but that kind of self-effacing honesty is why people started following her in the first place. "My favourite thing people who follow me tell me is that I'm their comfort person," Wilson says. "That's the biggest compliment to me." And now, she's providing more comfort in the form of her new podcast, "Living With Ease," where she expands on a lot of the themes you'll find on her TikTok: mental health, dating, and, of course, law school.

The podcast's title is pulled from Wilson's signature catchphrase, which began with a TikTok she posted one day about making a breakfast sandwich "with ease." The expression evolved into a sort of mantra for Wilson and her followers, a reminder to "chill out a little more" and "take things day by day and second by second." Wilson says, "I'm very much a catastrophizer and I'm always worrying about the future." She now has "with ease" tattooed on her arm for an added reminder.

Ahead, Wilson shares her top five must-have products for easy living.

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