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This DIY Jenga Idea Involves Truth or Dare and Booze

Game On — This DIY Rendition of Jenga Is Just What You Need For Your Next Night In With Friends


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What do you get when you mix acrylic paint with Jenga pieces and PG-13-rated questions? A game that's made for a night in with friends, obviously! TikToker @amber_poer decided to take Jenga up a notch by adding a pretty pink twist — along with questions and actions that can only be described as downright daring — making this sleepover activity an absolute essential. Complete with questions that'll make you blush to drinking challenges that'll give you a buzz, you won't regret playing this revamped version of Jenga (that is, unless you get a hangover).

Here's how to make your own rendition of Jenga:

  1. First, make sure you have the Jenga game. (You can buy it here for $13.)
  2. Grab some acrylic paint and brushes.
  3. Paint each Jenga piece.
  4. When the pieces are dry, write down questions and actions on each one. (Ideas for inspiration: take a shot, text your ex, play Never Have I Ever.)
  5. Arrange the pieces in a stack, and start pulling out blocks without making it tumble over.

The next time you need a sleepover or bachelorette party game to play, this DIY idea is all you need. Feel free to get as risqué as you want, and let the games begin. Nights in with your best friends will never be the same!

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