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June 20 Is the Longest Day of the Year, and Here's Why

The Summer Solstice Is Coming, So Get Ready For the Longest Day of the Year

Ezra Bailey

Can you feel it? Warm days, boozy popsicles, and sunkissed skin are all within reach because the summer solstice is almost here! June 20 marks the first day of summer, and with it comes the longest day of the year. Because the Sun is travelling along its northernmost path in the sky, more light is reaching Earth than usual, and hence, a longer day! The June (or summer) solstice means that the Northern Hemisphere gets to enjoy early dawns, long days, late sunsets, and short nights, while the Southern Hemisphere buckles down for winter.

There are only two solstices a year (one in June and one in December), so be sure not miss this one! We suggest marking your calendars now for the 20th so you can enjoy a day filled with nothing but sunshine and summertime bliss. The longest day of the year is sure to make you excited for the warmer months ahead, so embrace every minute of it! Looking for more? You can learn about the rest of 2021's solar events right here.

Image Source: Getty / Ezra Bailey
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