Guys, It's Crunch Time! Luckily, These Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Are Brilliant and Easy

Guys, we know you want to be something simple, easy, and to-the-point this Halloween, and we get it. Figuring out your costume shouldn't be a challenge, which is why we've come up with some quick DIY costume ideas for men that will make this holiday scary easy to prepare for. From the iconic Clark Kent costume that only requires glasses, a white button-up, and Super Man shirt to a punny outfit like dressing up as identify theft, we found all the coolest costumes that are creative without requiring much effort.

Take a look ahead at the best men's costume ideas for 2019, and let your look put a spell on everyone who sees it.

Additional reporting by Hedy Phillips and Emily Cappiello

A Handsome Devil

Embrace your sexy side when you dress up as the handsome devil you are. All you need are devil horns and a sinful smirk.

Lady Liberty

A long sheet, crown, and determined stare are all you need to transform yourself into the Statue of Liberty. Cheers to America (and Halloween)!

Lichtenstein-Inspired Comic Character

If you enjoy drawing, take your skills to the next level this Halloween. Use face paint or makeup to alter yourself into a lifelike artistic character.

Teen Wolf

Scary, spooky, and totally easy, dressing up as a werewolf for Halloween is a one-and-done kind of costume. Add a varsity jacket and jeans to your long wild hair, and you're ready to howl in the moonlight.

Danny From Grease

A white t-shirt and a leather jacket are all you need to transform into one of the most well-known bad boys of all time.

Clark Kent

A pair of nonprescription glasses and a Superman shirt complete the undercover superhero look easily.

Harry Potter

Harry's outfits vary widely throughout the series, so the crucial parts of this look are just his glasses, wand, and lightning bolt scar. Ten points to Gryffindor if you also carry a white owl and call her Hedwig.

Johnny Cash

Borrow a guitar if you don't have one yourself, and raid your closet for an all-black outfit to transform into Johnny Cash.

Fred From Scooby Doo

To be Fred from the Mystery Gang, you only need a white shirt and jeans with a red scarf.

Derek Zoolander

Derek Zoolander's iconic look is easy to re-create with lots of printed fabric and faux fur. The most important part, though, is your Blue Steel.

Beer Pong

Red Solo cups, some tape, and a fabric pen can make this funny, original, cheap, and easy costume. We say, "Score!"


Be ready to be quiet during your Halloween party if you go as a mime or the costume won't work! Wear black pants, a black-and-white-striped t-shirt, black gloves, and a black hat. Keep your mouth shut all night and use only your hands to communicate.

Buggs and Lola From Space Jam

Making these yourself won't be too hard with white shirts, white shorts, and a few iron-ons.


Totally DIY, this costume is one that will make everyone laugh when they see it. However, get ready to pucker up and show off that kiss.

The Bachelor

For this one, it really just requires dressing up and having a rose and a ring.


Be a sexy vampire by dressing up the outfit with a blazer and bow tie. Paint some fake blood on your shirt for effect, and don't forget the vampire teeth.

Ron Swanson From Parks and Recreation

You'll need your best surly face and a love of meat, buffets, and meat buffets to pull off the Ron Swanson look. You'll also need khakis, a flannel shirt, and a badass mustache.

Wizard From Harry Potter

You can be any wizard from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that you want. Wear your best from Hogwarts, including a school uniform with a sweater vest, and don't forget your house colours and your wand.

Elliott From ET

If you're game to have a bike with you during your Halloween festivities, we salute you. Put a basket on the front with ET in it and ride around in your favourite red sweatshirt.

A Tourist

Get yourself an "I Love NY" shirt and a few props for this pretty funny costume.

Forrest Gump

If you're ready to run, Forrest, run, you'll need a dirty white t-shirt, some shorts, a hat (preferably with the Bubba Gump logo), and a very long beard. Then get running!

Bruce Lee

This costume calls for a yellow outfit from head to toe. You can add the signature black stripes down the side easily with electrical tape. And don't forget your nunchucks.

Dustin From Stranger Things

Pull out your sneakers, cords, plaid shirt, denim jacket, and ball cap for this Stranger Things look. But don't forget the pudding. Dustin would never forget the pudding.

Identity Theft

A perfect excuse to don your favourite hoodie and shades, this clever costume comes to fruition by using some "Hello, my name is . . . " name tags and a magic marker.

Damien From Mean Girls

Remember when Damien wore a dark sweatshirt with the hood pulled up to hide out among the girls? Wear that with a sign that says "She doesn't even go here!" to re-create this character.

Mario and Luigi

Make the hats and suspenders yourself out of cardboard, poster board, and some fabric, then grab your favourite red and green shirts (or go shirtless) for the finishing touches on this classic video game duo.


Whether you choose to be a clothed Aquaman or a shirtless one is up to you, but fake tattoos are a must, as well as a trident. Long, wind-swept hair is also a good idea!


The firefighter's outfit is pretty basic, but pony up for the accessories. It will be worth it.

John Kennedy

Put some grey in your hair and wear a suit with a pocket square for this presidential look.

Baywatch Lifeguards

If you don't mind a little nudity, this costume just requires red swim trunks and a whistle. Running around saving lives is totally optional on your part.

Bounty Hunter

I mean, everyone needs some quilted quicker picker-uppers, and those things are expensive! Call in the bounty hunters and then use the paper towels to clean up after the party.

Han Solo From Star Wars

Han Solo's outfit is a white shirt with a black vest and black pants.

Error 404

OK, for the superlazy and maybe anti-Halloween type, this costume is for you. Grab a t-shirt you don't want, write "Error 404 Costume Not Found" on it, and call it a day.

Ross Geller From Friends

Make sure you wear two name tags that say both "Ross" and "Dr. Geller" so everyone knows who you are. Also, if you walk around yelling, "Pivot!" and "We were on a break!" no one will be confused about your costume. Promise.


If you're not into buying a costume, your own closet can be your best friend when it comes down to creating this Ash costume for your Halloween bash.


All this costume requires are black pants, a striped shirt, black gloves, a black hat, and a mask. Make sure you're sneaky all night so you don't blow your cover.

Flynn Rider From Tangled

This princely costume is fairly easy to re-create. You'll need khakis, a white button-up, and a blue vest to be this handsome Tangled character.

Kim and Kanye

You can dress up as this celebrity couple by just wearing monochrome neutrals. That's really all it takes.


This is more fun if you've got a group, but you'll need a solid-coloured shirt that you can attach a large "S" to. Just like that, you're all Skittles.

A T-Bird From Grease

You'll need to slick back your hair and carry your comb around to be one of the T-Birds. Roll up your black pants a little and throw on a denim jacket to complete the look.


Look, we understand when time gets away from you and your Halloween party is only five minutes away. We also understand that you might have a onesie in your closet, and now is the time to use it. This shark one makes dressing up SO easy.

Alan From The Hangover

Your pet probably won't allow you to carry him around all night, but you can be like Alan from The Hangover and wear a baby carrier with a doll in it.

Bob Belcher

Throw on an apron, grab a spatula, and you've got a costume! (Just don't forget to grow a mustache.)

Olive From Easy A

This costume isn't just reserved for the ladies. You can be like Olive from Easy A (or Scarlet in The Scarlet Letter) with an A emblazoned on whatever you choose to wear.

Mad-Eye Moody From Harry Potter

You can create Mad-Eye's mad eye by cutting a white ball in half and gluing it to a strip of fabric you can tie around your head. Complete the look with a black robe and wand.