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Strawberry Moon June 2022 Spiritual Meaning

All Zodiac Signs Should Prepare to Manifest and Prosper During June's Strawberry Moon


As 2022 begins, astrology fans are starting to prepare for the new moons that will grace the sky this year. While there are many full moons due in the new year, one that might have people particularly excited is the strawberry moon due in June, which is said to bring prosperity. To see how this moon will affect your zodiac sign in June, we spoke to an astrologer to get all the details about this celestial event.

Why Is It Called the Strawberry Moon?

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the title "strawberry moon" was coined by the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota Native American tribes. They chose this name "to mark the ripening of 'June-bearing' strawberries that are ready to be gathered," the almanac says.

When Is the Full Strawberry Moon in 2022?

The strawberry moon will be at its peak on 14 June at exactly 11:52 p.m. GMT.

What Sign Is the Strawberry Moon in June?

The strawberry moon is in Sagittarius.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Strawberry Moon?

According to Imani Rae, an astrologer and the CEO and founder of Raeon Collective, the strawberry moon allows room for luck, love, and prosperity, making it the perfect time to manifest your greatest desires. Rae highly recommends whipping out a journal or penning a letter to the universe during this time. "Scripting is writing as if it's already yours," Rae said. "By writing as if you already have something, it helps with your manifestation."

It's not surprising that "love" is also a central spiritual meaning of the strawberry moon. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the strawberry moon is also called the honey moon in Europe. This is likely because June is the traditional month for marriages, and the month is even named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. With that in mind, the strawberry moon might also be a period of reflection on past, present, or future romantic relationships.

What Does the Strawberry Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

  • Capricorn: The strawberry moon offers the perfect opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back. "Stop giving into imposter syndrome and know that you are worthy of everything that you want and more," Rae said. "Stop allowing self-doubt to overtake you and change the daily narrative that you tell yourself."
  • Aquarius: Try exploring your creative side this month, as it will help you with manifesting your goals. "Creative ideas will flow to you naturally," Rae said. "This is a good time to keep a dream journal and pay attention to your inner dialogue. It's time to manifest your dreams into reality."
  • Pisces: Rae recommends that Pisces spend time near water and recharge themselves. "Allow yourself to take a break and really work on creating a morning and night routine that resonates with your body," Rae said. "This is also a good time to set your intentions and allow yourself to daydream."
  • Aries: Now is the time for rebirth and reorganisation. "If you feel like your ideas are always all over the place, take some time to come up with a plan that is realistic," Rae said. "Create habits that you are able to stick with and don't feel overwhelmed by. Allow yourself to get out of your own head and live more in reality."
  • Taurus: The strawberry moon is a wakeup sign for Taurus to stop procrastinating. "Your manifestations are closer than you think," Rae explained. "It's time to take that first leap and just go for it. This is also a good time to transform how you look at failure. You can truly never succeed if you never try. Go for it!"
  • Gemini: It's time to consult your own feelings rather than logic. "For far too long, you have been only listening to your brain, but it's time to really follow your passion," Rae said. "Stop ignoring your intuition, and trust yourself. You know what's best for you, and it's time that you allow your confidence to shine."
  • Cancer: Rae recommends you focus on nurturing yourself during the strawberry moon. "You are always giving to others, and it's time to give back to yourself," Rae said. "Plan some time to take yourself on a self-care date and really focus on what you want. Focus on how to give yourself the love that you deserve."
  • Leo: You shouldn't hold yourself back this month, especially when it comes to your achievements and confidence. "You can still uplift others while uplifting yourself," Rae explained. "It's important to put your energy into people that put their energy back into you."
  • Virgo: Virgos need to start detoxing the negativity they hold toward themselves this month. "Start adding positive affirmations to your day, and start shifting your mindset," Rae said. "Know that you are not your negative thoughts and that they don't define you."
  • Libra: For Libras, the strawberry moon will allow an opportunity for intense self-care. "You do not have to do what everyone wants," Rae said. "Focus on what you desire, and watch that manifest. The more you align with the person you want to be, more opportunities will follow."
  • Scorpio: Scorpios, get ready to bring down your walls during the strawberry moon. "We know how hard it is for you to share your emotions, but it's OK to not be OK," Rae said. "Reach out for help when needed, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is a good time to journal and have a place to let out all of your negative emotions."
  • Sagittarius: If you've been planning a trip around this time, definitely stick to it. "This is a good time to take a trip or plan your next staycation," Rae explained. "Switching your location can aid in shifting your mindset."

When Is the Next Full Moon?

The buck moon follows the strawberry moon. It will arrive on 13 July at exactly 6:37 p.m. GMT.

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