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Here's When Mercury Retrograde Will Happen in 2020

Get Ready: 2020's First Mercury Retrograde Is Already on Its Way


Ready to plan for Mercury retrograde 2020? Even if you're not someone who's big on astrology, you've probably heard of Mercury retrograde, a period of time when the planet's position supposedly causes general confusion and upheaval in our lives. Whether you're watching the planets out of scientific interest or astrological beliefs, here's when you'll want to keep an eye on Mercury this year.

According to Almanac, Mercury will be in retrograde during three periods in 2020: Feb. 17 to March 10, June 18 to July 12, and Oct. 14 to Nov. 3. In scientific terms, "Mercury retrograde" refers to the period of time when the position of Mercury appears to be moving "backward" in relation to the zodiac. The planet is not, of course, actually moving in reverse, but the optical illusion of this movement is what gives Mercury its name: its "apparent retrograde motion." Every year, this happens three times, a few months apart each time.

If you've heard the buzz about Mercury retrograde, you probably know that it's typically considered a time when all hell breaks loose, since Mercury rules things like communication and travel. It's a good time to double down on double checking things, whether it be emails, travel plans, or work projects. Miscommunication may abound during this period, so a hefty dose of patience is in order as well. During the topsy-turvy time of Mercury retrograde, many people like to avoid making major or final decisions. Caution and backup plans are helpful at all times, of course, but especially during these times. Basically: expect the unexpected!

Are there any good parts to Mercury retrograde? According to popular astrological beliefs, Mercury retrograde is a good time to take stock of your life and your priorities. It's a time where personal intuition and instinct may be heightened, making it ideal for taking a little time to step back and be guided by what's feeling right (and what isn't). And if you're not a fan of Mercury retrograde, never fear: it only lasts for a couple of weeks each time, so just buckle in, be as flexible as you can, and trust yourself!

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