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Cute Bush Baby on Instagram | Pizzatoru

Fact: Pizzatoru Is the Cutest Thing on the Internet

Cute Bush Baby on Instagram | Pizzatoru

We'd like to apologise in advance to puppy and cheetah BFFs Kumbali and Kago, a few baby otters, and a certain singing pooch. They just got trumped, big time ÔÇö by a tiny bushbaby, no less. Say "Oh hey, cutie, where have you been all my life?" to Pizzatoru, the pint-size galago from Japan. Born in September of last year, this miniature Libra is snatching the Instagram hearts of many with his skinny monkey mitts (116K hearts, to be precise).

The account, which documents Pizza's home habits (like popping up from behind photo frames and being tickled with a toothbrush) and frequent outings, proves he has one busy schedule. And on really special days, when he's got a moment free, you might even get to experience this little slice of happiness in a live video.

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