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DIY Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom

Someone Made the Nimbus 2000 From Harry Potter and It Looks Insanely Difficult

As we've learned from people's various takes on the Weasley family clock, Harry Potter-inspired DIY projects don't tend to be easy. Case in point: Imgur user Goodmen999's construction of the Nimbus 2000 racing broom.

The beautiful broom was first made by scaling its dimensions as it appeared in the film — the only issue being that different brooms were used throughout filming. After determining the approximate measurements, he sawed the shape down from a piece of mahogany wood, attached styrofoam to one end of the broom, and covered the styrofoam with thin branches. Then, once he created a gold metal stand, he painted the finished product in a clear lacquer. If we're being honest, the whole project sounds pretty difficult.

Check out the impressive undertaking below. Full disclosure: this is not a DIY for the faint of heart — but it is awesome.

Somewhat DIY, Nimbus 2000
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