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How to Curse on the iPhone

If You're Tired of Apple Censoring Your Curses, Try This Hack

Nothing is worse than your iPhone autocorrecting your curse words to something plain, clean, and stripped from emotion. At this point, everyone is pretty familiar with the iPhone autocorrecting f*cking to ducking, but finally, one man has figured out how to stop that once for and all.

Steven Thrasher, a writer and columnist at The Guardian, tweeted out the simple tip to end these autocorrects. It's easy: add whatever curse words you use to your contacts and you'll never see an autocorrect again. You can see Thrasher's tweet below, which has 427 retweets and 523 likes.

We tried this tip ourselves and it definitely works. So go on and do it yourself and use all the curse words you've ever wanted. Of course, if you don't want curse words in your contacts, you can always go to Settings >General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and set up shortcuts for the curse words you want to use.

Image Source: ShopStyle Photography
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