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How to Save Your iPhone Battery

7 Amazing Ways to Conserve Your Phone's Battery During Music Festivals

It happens to the best us: you're at a big event, your phone dies, and it leaves you with no way to document the fun. What's worse than that? Wandering around with a phone, with no way to communicate with your friends. Thankfully, you can avoid this, especially with music festival season here. Follow these tips ahead to ensure your phone is ready for action, so you can focus on the artists, music, and good food among the fringe and flower crowns!

  1. Bring the charger: This one sounds silly since it's so obvious but easily overlooked. You can usually find a charging station at a music festival, which is also a great place to meet new, interesting people!
  2. Invest in a portable charger: Portable chargers are your best bet to save your iPhone's battery. Depending on the kind you buy, the battery power can really revive a dead phone. It's like insurance, and they don't break the bank either.
  3. Turn down the lights: Remember to turn down your brightness setting — it saves quite a bit of energy. Do what you can so your electionic BFF can save up its juices to do its job.
  4. Airplane mode is your friend: Utilising airplane mode is your best move when you're with friends. Once the gang's all there, click on that little plane so you can have access to your apps that don't require WiFi.
  5. Bring a real camera: This may seem like an extra thing to carry, but if you're a photographer at heart, using a camera will save power on your phone and take sharper images.
  6. Share photos with friends: If taking pictures is of utmost importance between your friend group, take turns on who snaps them. Afterward, share them via a shared album on your iPhone or through Flickr, Google Photos, or Dropbox. Take a deep breath, though — I know it's hard to relenquish that sort of photography power.
  7. Learn to live in the moment: The best way to conserve those cell batteries is to use your phone less. It will keep you present and let you enjoy the experience more. Photos are great, but only take what is necessary. Instead, engage with the people you are with, listen to the music, and have fun! Don't be too distracted from the moment by keeping your nose in your phone all day.

With these suggestions, your phone should definitely survive a long festival day. Want to conserve your battery even more? Try this tip to see what exactly is consuming your iPhone's battery life.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock
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