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How to Shift iPhone Keyboard to One Side

This iPhone Keyboard Feature Makes Typing With One Hand a Piece of Cake

In today's edition of "Things I Didn't Know Until Ten Minutes Ago," yet another iPhone hack that makes me question everything I've ever known about technology has been unearthed. As someone who regularly finds herself with only one free hand, I was thrilled to stumble across this simple trick that makes one-hand typing ten times easier.

As highlighted by Twitter user @thatoneperra, iPhones have a feature that allows users to shift the keyboard to one side of the screen to make one-handed typing less difficult. The user tweeted about the hack back in November with a video demonstrating how it works: you simply hold the emoji key on your keyboard before shifting the entire keyboard to the left or right, depending on which hand you're typing with. Not only does the feature help people with limited mobility, but it's also great for those who run into the problems that come with having a large iPhone and small hands.

The feature was obviously news to me, but iPhones have actually included the keyboard-shift capability since 2017. Better to be late to the party than to never show up, right? Get a quick look at how the trick works in the video above.

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