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Iguana Running From Snakes on Planet Earth II

This Clip of an Iguana Running From Snakes Will Make Your Heart Skip Several Beats

Who knew watching an iguana on the run for his life could be so fascinating? This clip from BBC's Planet Earth II shows the heart-pounding moment when a baby iguana comes face to face with a group of snakes ready to squeeze him to death. The intense moment has many Reddit users comparing it to a dramatic scene from an action-packed movie.

"That jump at the end . . . All it needed was a building exploding behind the iguana and BAM. $100 million opening weekend," Reddit user Wild_Hearts_Run noted. The moment was even compared to the Bourne Identity franchise. "The Bourne Iguana," Reddit user Sicarious27 joked. Press play below to see the jaw-dropping video that has everyone captivated.

Baby Iguana being chased by snakes. Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. from videos
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