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Man Orders Pizza on a Train Twitter Story

The Epic Twitter Story Behind This Guy Who Got Pizza Delivered to His Train

Before embarking on a long trip, everyone should eat before and pack snacks and food for later. But DJ Artwork did neither of these and had to learn this lesson the hard way — although his solution for his hunger made him our hero. Without any food options on his train ride from Glasgow to Sheffield, he decided to get pizza delivered to the next station stop. Not only was he successful, but he also documented the entire thing on Twitter like the milkshake guy (except we think this one might actually be true).

First, he realises he's trapped without food.

But then, he has this genius idea.

And calculates it to a T.

After a minor roadblock, he finds hope.

He gets pretty hyped with only 20 minutes to Darlington.

He's so close!

Domino's finally alerts him about the pizza delivery status.

The buildup is killing him.

Wait for it . . .

This is what happiness looks like.

He even invites a surprise guest to the pizza party!

And pulls it off again the next day with a buddy.

Next time you're craving pizza on the go, you know what to do!

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