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Scary Wikipedia Pages

These 20 Terrifying Wikipedia Pages Will Keep You Up at Night

Halloween is upon us, and that means that it's time to indulge in a time-worn tradition: reading, watching, and listening to scary tales. And there's nowhere better to find those stories than Wikipedia. The user-generated encyclopedia is home to thousands of legends, fables, and word-of-mouth tales, but there's nothing quite as spooky as the stories that originate from real-life events. And if you're looking to keep yourself up tonight, we highly recommend you keep on reading.

Behold: the 20 most chilling Wikipedia entries that are not only terrifying, but also very, very true.

  • Tarrare: An endlessly hungry sailor has no limits when it comes to what he'll eat.
  • Euthanasia Coaster: The real-life roller coaster of death.
  • Grey Goo: How robots could effectively take over the world and consume all the living humans on earth.
  • Rat King: The rat of your nightmares exists in the world.
  • Montauk Project: The real-world inspiration for Stranger Things was a psychological warfare research base.
  • Borley Rectory: The most haunted house in England will have you believing in ghosts.
  • Unit 731: The secret biological and chemical warfare research facility kept by the Japanese during WWII is too gory for words.
  • Sedlec Ossuary: A church in the Czech Republic uses the corpses of 40,000 to 70,000 individuals for furniture and decor.
  • Hinterkaifeck Murders: A house was believed to contain a ghost, but it turned out to be a serial killer.
  • Issei Sagawa: A murderer who cannibalised his victim then became a massive celebrity after his release from prison.
  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: This medical condition leaves you frozen in time, forever.
  • Goiania Accident: What residents of one Brazilian town took as fairy dust turned out to be a radioactive event.
  • Aokigahara: A forest is known for its suicide-inducing properties.
  • Genie: There are few things more creepy than this feral child.
  • Roanoke Colony: This is what happens when an entire town disappears all at once.
  • Mad Gasser of Mattoon: A mysterious series of events in Virginia still hasn't been explained by law enforcement.
  • Exploding Head Syndrome: Knowing that this is an actual thing will do everything but make your head explode.
  • Mellified Man: The Chinese believed that a vital medical substance is created by steeping a human cadaver in honey.
  • Total Information Awareness: The American government is literally big brother.
  • Overtoun Bridge: The staggering number of dogs who have leapt off this bridge can't possibly be a coincidence.

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