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Stranger Things Brain Teaser

This Stranger Things-Themed Brain Teaser Challenges You to Think Upside Down

If you've already binged season three of Stranger Things, we've got good news: the Hawkins fun doesn't have to end just yet! Why not, you ask? Because this supercute Stranger Things-themed brain teaser from Riddle Me This lets you get in on the code-breaking action right along with Robin, Steve, Dustin, and Erica. (If only we could get some ice cream at Scoops Ahoy, am I right?!)

In this great brain teaser, you'll put your mind to the test (hopefully you won't need Suzie's help) to figure out a word in all capital letters that reads the same upside down. If you can't get it, don't worry — a click on the photo and peek at the comments will reveal the answer. And if you loved this riddle, you can find a ton more on the Riddle Me This Instagram page.

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