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Symmetry Breakfast's Michael Zee Shares Top Instagram Tips

Let Symmetry Breakfast's Michael Zee Transform Your Instagram With 5 Top Tips

Not only is Michael Zee the mastermind behind Symmetry Breakfast, the most romantic proposal, and his very own cookbook, he's also on hand to help you step up your Instagram game, too. When it comes to a masterclass, why not learn from a pro? And with a loyal following of 625,000 followers tuning in for daily symmetrical snapshots of Zee and his partner's brekkie, we think this more than qualifies.

From keeping your feed authentic to finding inspiration, here are Zee's top Instagram tips.

  1. Don't do something for followers or likes, do it because you love it. With any success it's easy to see the end result and think, "Oh, that's so easy." What you don't see are the hours and days of planning and researching that are off camera.
  2. Ask yourself if you would like that photo or video if you came across it in your feed. If the answer is no then think why . . . If the solution is within your control, such as moving to better light or cropping the image, then make those changes.
  3. Become an expert of what you do. There will always be people who don't know anything about your field and we all live in our own self-important bubble. The key is to show your followers your passion through images and/or videos and take them on a journey.
  4. Find inspiration everywhere. It's tempting to use the Internet for everything but after a while the same ideas circulate again and again. Go to an exhibition, watch an old film, read books or get on a plane!
  5. Keep a calm head when dealing with criticism. Sometimes things get lost in translation! The best response is a clear and confident one that is accepting and good-mannered.

Snap up your very own copy of Zee's cookbook Cook Love Share (£8) now, then keep the lesson going with some Instagram Stories tips that'll take your story from zero to hero.

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